Left 4 Dead – 8-Bit NES Version

17 Nov
Left 4 Dead – 8-Bit NES Version

[UPDATE – The game is now available for download here

8-Bit designer, developer and coder Eric Ruth has de-engineered Left 4 Dead as it would have been if it released in the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here’s the FAQ from YouTube.

Q: Is this just an animation or an actual game?
A: An actual game. It will be available for free download on PC around January 4th, 2010.

Q: I only see one “special infected.” Will there be more?
A: Yes. All 5 special infected appear in this game regularly.

Q: How far along are you currently?
A: As of November 15th, I am completed with the first “mission: No Mercy” as well as most of the core game play mechanics.

Q: Does Valve know about this? And would they approve?
A: No, Valve doesn’t know about it yet, but I’m sure (with their love of community creations) that they will find this mildly amusing at worst, and hilarious at best.

Q: Will this version have all of the campaigns from the original game?
A: Yes. All 5 maps of all 4 campaigns will be present in the final product.

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  2. Hugo says:

    Hey, I played this when it was released and came across it again now, and I wonder if you would mind doing this as an actual NES ROM. (I would use it to create an actual NES game cartridge…)

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