Left 4 Dead 2 Launch Party (UK) – The Severed Arms Pub

20 Nov
Left 4 Dead 2 Launch Party (UK) – The Severed Arms Pub

If any of you followed our Twitter stream last night you would have seen a few updates from last night’s Left 4 Dead 2 launch party, zombie barmaids and all. For those of you who don’t (and if not, why not?) I headed down to The Severed Arm Pub (the re-named Old Blue Last) to play Left 4 Dead 2 and see if I could get some swag to distribute to the unwashed masses. Alas swag was not to be seen but the full L4D2 game was certainly worth going to play.

Heading down to Old Street at half-past six last night you could have been forgiven for thinking that the zombocalypse had already begun, with people made up like zombies all around the Old Blue Last, but looking more closely they were all pretty ladies so it would have been a bit disappointing (as opposed to AWESOME) if it was. Instead it was the press and bloggers night for the Left 4 Dead launch.

The night kicked off with a couple of DJs and largish queues for the Left 4 Dead gaming booths. Once we did get a shot the Xbox controllers were attached to the gaming booth by Olympic strength rowing cord and it was difficult to get a comfortable gaming position while standing. Luckily my sheer brute upper body strength meant it didn’t compromise my gaming ability and throughout the night I managed to play a variety of levels including the Swamp Fever finale.

With free beer and jelly shots, gaming booths and live music put on this whole post is a bit of a brag but it’s important you know the hardships we suffer to bring you the latest zombie news! Ultimately it was a bit of a jolly, but with the little bit of hands on time we got with L4D2 we already know that the game has much more legs than the original and is certainly more than just an expansion pack.

We’ll be bringing you a full review of L4D2 soon, in the meantime check out the first pic below showing me shooting some zombies and some lovely pics of Jennifer Metcalfe.

Left 4 Dead 2 BoothsZombie BarmanBandJennifer MetcalfeJennifer Metcalfe 2Jennifer Metcalfe 3

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  2. Epic_Problem says:

    Jennifer Metcalfe – I would plough that until next July. Even as a zombie…especially as a zombie.

  3. Pinkmoom says:

    OMFG! i want that T-shirt she has on!, it’s soooo cool!. im either going to buy me one, or make myself a L4D T-shirt. but otherwise, i hoped you guys had fun! :D

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