Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 3

16 Apr
Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 3

Don’t forget to watch the film first – Jumba Juice and read part 1 and part 2

The Final Edit

With all my footage shot I began to edit it all into something that could be considered my first short film. The editing process was fairly harmless compared to how many walls I had run into throughout every other part of the production. So working from 12 – 4 every night/morning. I was able to finish this relatively quickly. There were some slight problems I came across, for example some reverse angle shots did not exactly match what they were the reverse of and I had to do a lot to the audio to get rid of most of the persistent plane noise that had annoyed us all during shooting.

The only major problem I came across was due to the lack of time I had to shoot on the second day because of the initial two actress’ dropping out I only had half a scene ready to edit. Unable to go back and do some re-shoots I had to work around this and then came up with the idea of putting a missing reel into the film. Something I stole, or borrowed how ever you want to look at it, from Planet Terror. This worked perfectly and gave the film even more of a fourth wall breaking short than I could have ever hoped for. As well as this it also gave the film an excuse not to make sense. No one actually knows what happens within the missing reel but from the scene that follows the audience knows that Faith has been captured by Ash and that Dylan has to save her.

While making this I enjoyed myself immensely and am very proud of the result, warts and all. I will defiantly be making the other parts of the trilogy at some point, it’s just a case of having the time to get it all done. So look out for those and I hope you enjoyed both ‘Jumba Juice’ and my write up about the making of it. Thanks for reading.

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