Jumba Juice – Short Film

12 Apr

Jumba Juice. A short film I wrote, directed and edited in the summer of 2009.

With the help of a few friends as my crew and some great actors I managed to film this all within the space of 3 days and am very happy with the final product.

And yes I know there are some mistakes in there, you can see the boom a couple time and there are planes going over head messing with the audio, but these are mistakes that are helping me learn so while feedback is wanted, be gentle.

ZC: While the film started out more zombie focussed there were many things that stood in the way of this budding auteur and his zombie filled dream. For the rest of this week we’ll be looking at why making a zombie film isn’t as easy as you’d imagine!

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Asa is an 18 year old first year Film Student. His first experience of Zombies was when his mum showed him Dawn of the Dead when he was nine years old. Even since then he has been in love with the horror genre and Zombies too. He would like to become a writer, director and editor on his own films. Follow him on Twitter.

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