Illustrated Zombie Survival Guide – iPhone App

2 Sep
Illustrated Zombie Survival Guide – iPhone App

Scientific evidence suggests that a serious zombie outbreak (or zombie apocalypse) is inevitable. Pick up your copy of the unique super informative Illustrated Zombie Survival Guide today and protect yourself from the undead.

Learn how to prepare for the looming zombie apocalypse. Hold meetings and drills, draw floor plans, gather supplies, prepare a travel kit, and pick out appropriate clothing to endure a zombie battle.

Learn about your zombie foes. Review zombie history, learn about zombie pathology, discover zombie weaknesses, and learn how to properly identify zombies.

Acquire life-saving zombie combat skills. Understand when you should run or when you should fight, discover the best weapons for stopping zombies, and learn important long range combat, melee combat and trap setting techniques.

Attain practical survival strategies that will get you through the zombie apocalypse. Learn how to form a survivor party, deal with infected, create fortified hideouts, and find safe locations.

Life saver in a zombocalypse? Perhaps, but how often can you recharge you iPhone?

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