How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

11 Oct

Zombie Invasion UK

People mocked us for talking about zombies and a possible apocalypse as though it was something that could never happen, but this latest heat map suggests an outbreak is happening in the United Kingdom as we speak!

The new Zombie Invasion site has been designed to help Brits survive the zombie infection this Halloween. Users can zoom in on the zombie heat map to find the feeding frenzies across the country and also plot the best areas to run and hide or escape overseas.

The secret is most definitely out and the zombies are mutating – fast! The heat map is driven by sales data of zombie related outfits and accessories from independent UK fancy dress retailer, highlighting the areas of the UK that have caught the zombie bug in readiness for Halloween.

As well as being able to use the map to plot your escape, Zombie Invasion also gives you four useful tips to survive a possible attack. From good running trainers and a baseball bat to a face mask and a clever zombie disguise, you can avoid becoming part of the offal trail!

Take a look at the zombie invasion in the UK and see if you have enough time to save yourself…

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  1. It may not be possible to take your pet with you to a temporary evacuation shelter.
    We can survive a long time without food, but a much shorter time without water.
    The RCC then contacts the appropriate agency closest to you and notifies them of
    your identification and location.

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