George A. Romero To Launch iPhone App

16 May
George A. Romero To Launch iPhone App

With the US release of “George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead” upon US theatres in a mere two days, Romero plans to go mobile by launching a new application for the iPhone, appropriately named ‘App of the Dead’.

Developed by Additive Interactive, the app will allow the user to import photos of their friends and family and transform them into brain hungry, undead corpses. It allows you to take over the director role and transform your ordinary friends into some pretty fiendish characters.

Features include:

  • Capturing or importing a photo, followed by adding over 20 zombie features, including open wounds, weapons, and a large gallery of deformed eyes and mouth options.
  • A custom engine that allows you to “shoot” your creations and experience the amazing blood-splatter effect.
  • Save your zombie images to your phone, post them to a social networking website or e-mail them to others.

Although there is no release date specified, it’s rumored that the application will appear in the App Store within the next 2-3 weeks. iPhone owners will be eager to get their hands on this application but I’d be careful, I’ve heard it makes your device a bit hungry and may cause unexplained bite marks and loss of humanity.

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