Real Zombie Attack Caught By Russian Police

10 Jul

Bit of an old one this, first posted in 2007 but if this doesn’t prove that MFZAR and you should be preparing then don’t come running to me when a zombie bites both your legs off!

Footage supposedly shows Russian police surveilling a suspect after a reported shooting but being chased by several unarmed men. When he gets caught they tear him apart and run off with the bits. Infected rather than zombies perhaps but you need to prepare for both kinds!

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Comments (26)


  1. Farenhiet says:

    This was a viral video for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky

  2. Well, to be honest I didn’t think it was a real zombie attack ;) but I never did know what it was from, thanks.

  3. sru says:

    pls dont letout false info..if zombies exist then i suppose its the responsibility of the army force to take actions :)

    • Keith Mooney says:

      i have to disagree i think everyone will have to work together to survive if that means working with the military or police i will proudly protect my country from any threat as a civilian

      • steven says:

        i think that if zombies become real the olny way to live throw it would be to stay in your homr for the first week or two

  4. kill all zombies says:

    if they are real let them com we will kill them without the armys help

  5. Cofjn says:

    The government would not do much to protect the public, but to protect itself from the inside out. They would let us destroy ourselves in our own survival. It would be honestly safer for the government to drop the bombs on us than try to save those who are fighting for their lives. They do not believe that saving those that need their protection after so long of fighting, striving and ready to give up is worth saving when they can’t contain the infected at a pace they like. They would sacrifice us first to contain it.

  6. tyler says:

    The government are the ones going to start the infection and they will keep it to them selfves like how they keep area 51 to themslefves.

  7. annie says:

    this was most likely fiction but i most definetly love the fact that they are trying to scare people……. again :3

  8. Thomas says:

    A “zombie” apocolypse is possible since rabbies is a type of zombification form. Rabbies in Latin means “to do violence”. perhaps a zombie virus could be a mutated form of rabbies, or other diseases like it.

  9. maria from russia says:

    this is sooo fake 1 the camera has american letters in it if you look up top of it. and second of all why is russian cop wearing a cape last time i seen a russian cop they had uniforms with pants and jackets and pants no capes. and plus zombies do not exist!!! Just bunch of people who get bunch of fake camera stuff and bunch of people that get on bunch of drugs.

  10. George says:

    If this is video was captured by RUSSIAN police, then why is the display on the thermal imaging camera in ENGLISH! If you’re going to make a “zombie” video, at least try to leave out all the stupid mistakes!

  11. fred says:

    fuck that dude u protect ur own ass dont let the government try for all they care we could die were just numbers to em

  12. luda says:

    if they were zombies they wouldnt show up on FLIR causr they wouldnt have the same heat signature as a living human

  13. wjkvdemk says:

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  14. chance says:

    not good

    • ross says:


  15. […] Russian Police helicopter catches footage of Zombie attack? […]

  16. Alex says:

    Zombies or not but the video’s fake – that’s for sure! The dudes pretending to be Russian cops speak Russian with rather heavy accent. And they don’t know the Russia’s cop-talk either…

  17. dan joshua says:

    zombie is not true if the zombie infect the cop’s the howl russians peapole well gona zombie

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  19. Ppl I know what to do ok listen if this is happening government officials will have a place to survive it till they have it under control but they won’t have it under control so be prepared its coming believe me I speak the truth and you all must go to where they have the place of survivors and try not to die. Its kill or be killed when it happens.

  20. Neon says:

    Actually there is a fungus (I think its a fungus) that infects ants? And that is how it might start…

  21. Bree says:

    Im sorry and I mean no offence.. But I dont believe this and Russia brought it on them selves.. I highly disagree with this Zombie stuff.. It wont happen until Syria and Russia come up with a rabies type thing that makes you go mentally insane and has some weed in it to make you get major munchies.. Common.. Its not the end of the world.. And if it does happen, survival of the fittest.. Its better to be alone in that case.. You will be unnoticed in a group of one than in a group of 10 or more.. Just my opinion.. This means no offence to anyone or their beliefs..

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