The Doom of World War Z

7 Dec


Apocalypse is happening. There are zombie outbreaks around the world, leading to the downfall of governments, deaths, and defeat of large armies. Civilization is on the brink of oblivion as an epidemic turns humans into flesh eating zombies that wipe away anyone who stands on their path.

This is the plot of World War Z, an upcoming zombie apocalypse movie based on the novel of the same name authored by Max Brooks. Directed by Marc Foster and with screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the film will be released on June 21, 2013. The film will be top billed by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt as a worker of the United Nations who is tasked to travel around the world to research about the outbreak and fight against the invasion. Playing the role of Gerry Lane, Brad Pitt’s character is the hero who is on his journey to discover a way to stop the Armageddon caused by zombies.

The cast also includes actress Mireille Enos as Gery Lane’s wife and James Badge as the American soldier Captain Speke. Also starring are Lucy Aharish, Matthew Fox, Elyes Gabel, David Morse, and others in supporting roles.

With a production budget of $125 million, the film has locations in Pinewood Studios, Budapest, and Glasgow in London. The film is intended to be a part of a trilogy and will be distributed under Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures.

World War Z is one of 2013’s much-awaited films because of its stellar cast, promising storyline, and a thrilling twist that will surely make it hit the box office.

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