How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

7 Dec


Who’s brave enough to fight hundreds of zombies with limited supplies and a gun on one hand? Day Z will surely bring every player to a new level of role playing. A level where the enemies are hungry zombies and the only way to survive is to search for supplies located in certain spots, use war tactics, and be extremely brave to survive the zombie-infested world.


Developed by Bohemia Interactive, Day Z is designed by Dean “Rocket” Hall. It is released on the 31st of October, 2012 and can be played through the Microsoft Windows platform. The game became very popular reaching millions of players after its release, making it the most popular and the best zombie game in history, according to experts.


Set in a fictional post-Soviet town named Chernarus, the game allows the players to feel what it takes to be in a zombie apocalypse by incorporating human feelings and sensations and environment’s effects to their characters in the game. The characters can have wounds, fractures, and broken bones and can feel hunger, pain, and thirst. The players need to survive by protecting themselves from the zombies and other threats such as rival players. Players need to search for food and other supplies, use certain tactics, and look for better weapons while combating zombies and other players in order to survive.


Day Z’s unique game experience makes it as one of the most important computer games in modern era. With recognition as one of the five scariest PC games from PC Gamer. Day Z will not just thrill players around the world, but will surely give them a one of a kind experience.

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