DayZ Zombie Survival Game

7 Dec


If you’re looking for a good online zombie survival game, then you might want to check out DayZ. DayZ is an online zombie survival game that started as a mod for the tactical shooter game ARMA 2. This game is an open-world game set in Chernarus, a post-Soviet state.  Chernarus is hit by an unknown infection that turned most of the world’s population into zombies. Your character is one of the survivors of the infection and you must search and explore the wasteland of Chernarus for food and weapons that you need in order to survive. You must also defend yourself against the zombies who are infected with the disease and other survivors who are trying to kill you to get your food and weapons.


DayZ is one of the best zombie survival games because it has very realistic gameplay elements. For example, you will need to find weapons and ammunition in order to fight other survivors or zombies. Another realistic gameplay element is that your character will get thirsty and hungry, so you will need to search the wilderness or cities for food. You will also need to watch your character’s body temperature and may faint due to low blood pressure. Your character may also get infections from both the zombies and diseased players that you may encounter. If your character gets into fights repeatedly, he may receive bone fractures due to repeated damage. If you want a realistic zombie survival game, then DayZ is the game for you. To play DayZ, you will need to buy the ARMA 2 game and then download and install the DayZ mod.


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