Fort Zombie – Story Teaser

22 Oct

Fort Zombie is due out Q4 2009 and Paradox Interactive recently put up a story teaser, showing potential players the world they’ll be shooting zombies in.

Graphics aren’t quite on the bleeding edge of zombie slaying but budget price tag of $10 and promising gameplay hopefully more than make up for it. Plus they’ve gone out of their way to immerse the player in the lore and atmosphere of the game.

A recent newsletter from Paradox stated

We are absolutely amazed at the reception that Fort Zombie has received so far,” said Chris Stewart of Kerberos Productions, the development studio behind Fort Zombie. “What started out as a fun little side project for us, which was designed simply to give gamers and zombie fans a couple of great laughs along with a great gaming experience, has attracted serious attention from fans of the zombie cult phenomenon even before the game’s actually release. We can’t wait until they get a chance to pick up a shotgun and hit the zombie-infested streets of Piety!

Well bring you a more news and a review as soon as we have it. In the meantime why not check out the Q&A session by our buddies over at the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse or check out the screenshots and box art below.


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