Fort Zombie – Exclusive Screens

24 Oct
Fort Zombie – Exclusive Screens

Ahead of it’s Q4 release the guys over at Fort Zombie have sent us some exclusive screenshots, including a very interesting one of the character setup screen.

Click to embiggen

Fort Zombie Setup ScreenFort Zombie GameplayZombie KillingIn Game AdvertisingFort Zombie Night

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Comments (5)


  1. Zud0 says:

    The graphic looks like it’s some Half-Life 1 mod.
    But if its really something like a FPS-RPG like the character-screen suggests, then it could be fun!

    • Yeah, graphics aren’t top end, but it’s only $10 and if the gameplay is awesome I don’t mind. These screens make me pretty excited for the game. I want to play it now!

  2. […] a look at these images for the upcoming Fort Zombie strategy/RPG survival game, and get excited because it is coming October 31 for $10. (Zombie […]

  3. Chernobog says:

    Haven’t seen any first-person screen shots anywhere, so probably not FPS as such.

    RPG and strategy components are a sure thing though.

  4. Yeah, 3rd person shooter. It out on the 30th October, so not long to wait!

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