ZomCo Trailer

17 Jun

Not just in use as our URL shortener, ZomCo is a new film from Ash Tidball which asks the questions about after the zombie apocalypse, what would we do? How would we get back on track?

The film premieres this Thursday at the Odeon Manchester, UK and we may bring you a review not long after.

pixel ZomCo Trailer
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  1. Patrick says:

    That looks like a pretty good zombie movie. Right on. Thanks for posting the trailer. I’ll keep my eye open for that one.

  2. Ash says:

    The film is out to watch now on http://www.zomco.tv. take a look!

  3. Neo Pangea says:

    Hey friends at Zombie Command!
    I was checking out your zombie site and thought you’d be interested in a project we’re beta’ing today. It’s a free first person shooter for Flash 11 where you’re Ben Franklin killing undead zombie Red Coats with an electric laser rifle! Crazy right?

    Let me know what you think! We love you guys!

    Here’s the official write up…
    Zombies + Electric musket = good times. The top-shots at Neo-Pangea offer internet gamers DeadCoats their free zombie shoot-em-up. Taking down zombies is fun, but taking down zombies that are also historical bad-guys can give a player a special kind of warm fuzzy. Early America was a place where only the most tough and resourceful individuals would survive. Add to that a horde of undead British regulars and there’s only one Founding Father with the electric personality and liberty bells to have on your side!

    Play it exclusively here:

    You can find more information in our regular press release here:

    Rot on guys!

  4. Thats great, I’m loving this site, its a proper zombie fest :) keep up the great work


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