The Horror of the Fourth Reich

7 Dec


What if the Nazi’s won the war? What if Hitler conquered the entire world?These are just few of the questions that plagued a lot of people when stories of World War Two come inside their minds. The horrors of the war are eternally inscribed in history, but what will be more horrifying than adding a fictional twist to the stories of the past that makes them more dark, deadly, and doomed?


What if instead of humans, Hitler used zombies in order to fight the war? Imagine the horror experienced by Allied forces! The Fourth Reich, an upcoming movie that will be shown on 2013 will show a fictional story set in world war two where the Nazi used zombies to fight the allied forces. Directed by Shaun Robert Smith, the film is produced by James Edward Barker, Michael Bassett, Scott Mann, and Kevin Scott Frakes, starring Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee, Doug Bradley, Craig Cornway, and Tom Savini as the brave soldiers fighting the undead.


The story will take place in Western Europe in the dark hours of June 1944 when the combined forces of the Allied countries are nearly facing victory by pushing their way to Berlin in order to stop Hitler’s reign of terror. Afraid of losing the war, the Nazi leader ordered his head scientist, Dr. Joseph Mengele to create an invincible army that will help him reach his goal for global domination. The horrors of Hitler’s fourth reich will be discovered when a group of third infantry soldiers discover an abandoned facility where Hitler’s doomed forces are located.


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