Not Your usual fairytale: Alice in Zombieland

7 Dec


Written by Gena Showalter and published on the 25th of September, 2012, Alice in Zombieland is a very good deconstruction of the classic children’s tale “Alice in Wonderland.” This teen romance set in a gloomy world filled with horror and adventure tells the story of a girl named Alice Bell. Living with her overprotective father who convinces Alice and her entire family that the world is filled with monsters, she lives believing that her father is crazy because he never allows them to leave the house after dusk and guards the house at night with a pistol on his hands.


Alice starts to believe her father’s stories when tragedy falls upon their family. After her sister’s dance recital which is held at night, their family is attacked by the monsters her father feared throughout his life: zombies. Alice is left alone in life after the death of her family. After the tragedy, she moves to her grandparents and attends a new school.


In school, Alice meets a boy named Cole Holland. Cole is the leader of all the bad boys in campus. As they become friends, Alice learned that Cole fights the zombies together with his gang. In order to avenge her family, Alice, who in the progress of the story prefers to be called “Ali” turns from a weak and fearful girl to a fierce and brave person in order to fight the zombies and give justice to her family’s death.


While fighting zombies together, Ali and Cole develops a romantic connection which goes deeper as the story unfolds. Want to be a part of the adventure? Buy an “Alice in Zombieland” book now in the nearest bookstore in order to experience the adventure, horror, and the magic of love.


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