A Little Bit Zombie

7 Dec


This Canadian film directed by Casey Walker is another Zombie movie of 2012 that will surely entertain and scare a lot of zombie-fans around the world. The story starts when Steve (played by Kristopher Turner) goes to a cabin in the middle of a forest with his soon to be bride Tina (played by Crystal Lowe) together with their best man and maid of honour.


The thrill starts when Kristopher is bitten by a mosquito carrying a virus that turns him into a zombie. Steve starts to develop an appetite related to zombies and drools whenever he hears the word “brains.” On the other hand, being the control freak that she is, Tina ignored her fiance’s condition and tries to continue their lives despite Steve’s zombie tendencies. One scene shows that she staples Steve’s ears when it fell off. The twist in the story comes when the zombie hunters begin to track down Steve in order to eradicate the population of zombies in the world.


A Little bit Zombie is a horror comedy showing Kristopher Turner as a brain-hungry flesh eater and Crystal Lowe as his control freak soon-to-be-bride. The film also stars Stephen McHattie and Emillie Ullerup as the zombie hunters, Shawn Roberts, Kristen Hager, George Buza, Robert Maillet, Neil Whitely, and others adding more humour to the film.


The film is written by Trevor Martin and Cristopher Bond. A Little Bit Zombie is produced by John Griffith, Tyman Stewart, Casey Walker, and David Watson. A Little Bit Zombie is one of those romantic-horror-comedy films that will surely bring laughter and fear to the viewers.

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