Film 4 Frightfest – Summary And Conclusions

2 Sep
Film 4 Frightfest – Summary And Conclusions

This last Frightfest post is just some random musings as well as the best and worst films of Frightfest 2009.

On the first day all the weekend pass holders received a goody bag, packed full of DVDs, flyers and t-shirts. I think everybody got the same stuff but in case anybody got something different and a swag brag, here’s what I got.

Frightfest swag

  1. Frightfest Program
  2. Random flyers for various things. Use code SCREAM at’s checkout for an extra £1 off :)
  3. Triangle poster
  4. Vinyan T-Shirt
  5. Saw VI blood filled mousemat
  6. Infestation T-Shirt
  7. Dawn of the Dead bag
  8. I think this is just a trailer DVD but may have a couple of films on it like Tokyo Gore Police!
  9. Lesbian Vampire Killers bottle opener (random)
  10. 20th Century Boy DVD
  11. Children of the Corn boxset (easily the best thing here)
  12. Bind. Torture. Kill. DVD.

There was also some other random stuff, a Mum & Dad badge, a Star Trek poster (?) and I managed to collect a Children of Men T-Shirt along the way too. I’ve never seen Children of the Corn, though often thought I should, so the 3 disc box set was a welcome bonus for me.

Onto the movies. 26 films in 5 days is a lot of movies to see, some good, some bad, most somewhere in between. I was a bit desensitized to it all by the end and the festival atmosphere probably made some bad movies seem better. I hadn’t read much about most of these movies before going in, so my opinions are almost purely based on that first viewing.

Top 5 Frightfest Movies

  1. Best Worst Movie
  2. Millenium
  3. The Horseman
  4. Heartless
  5. An American Werewolf in London

It’s pretty telling that the top 3 films aren’t horror films at all and the 5th is almost 30 years old! Heartless I think is something that will bear repeat viewings and have my appreciation for it grow.

Honorable Mentions
Triangle, The Hills Run Red, La Horde, Colin, Salvage, Fragment, Pontypool, Night of the Demons. All of these films are a 7-8 out of 10 but just missed a certain spark or polish that would push them into the top.

Worst Frightfest Movies

  1. It’s Alive
  2. Giallo

Only picking 2 as everything else was head and shoulders above them (yes, even Zombie Women of Satan and Smash Cut).

Most Mediocre Movies

  1. Hierro
  2. Infestation
  3. The Descent: Part 2
  4. I Sell The Dead
  5. Macabre

Black may have made this less than illustrious company but I fell asleep for half of it. All of these films do something right, just with no flare. Ho hum.

Best Zombie Movies

  1. La Horde
  2. Pontypool
  3. Colin
  4. Dead Snow
  5. Zombie Women of Satan

Technically the only 5 zombie movies and the top 4 were all on a very similar level, with good (and some great bits) let down by some weaker bits. Zombie Women of Satan though was absolute trash but great fun on a Monday morning.

I met a lot of great people at Frightfest, found a lot of new Twitterers and missed out on a lot of sleep! I met John Landis, Justin Lee Collins and saw Melissa George and Derren Brown. I spoke with directors, actors, normal people and some not so normal people. I broke my film festival cherry and ate my body weight in pik’n’mix. Roll on next year so I can do it again! See you there!

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  1. Rob says:

    No mention of Trick ‘r Treat in your list, which I’m assuming you missed in favour of Pontypool. That film is going to be in a lot of people’s top 5 lists, including mine. I personally thought it was the strongest film there. A brilliant tribute to the funny/scary horrors of the eighties like Creepshow, and it can’t be that bad if it’s got the support of John Landis!

  2. Yeah, missed Trick ‘r Treat but that’s coming out on DVD pretty soon as well, so might get a chance to see it.

    Creepshow 2 was a defining horror film of mine growing up (assuming I’m thinking of the right film) with the lake blob thing and the hitcher maybe? (“Thanks for the ride lady, thanks for the ride!”)

    I’ll have full reviews of the zombie films up soon.

  3. Jon Walmsley says:

    This is a nice quick summary of the festival, saves me wading through reviews and features about films only to find out that they are trash.

    Pity about Giallo though. Assume that’s the upcoming Argento movie? I thought he’d found his horror feet again after the Masters of Horror episodes he directed (Jennifer and Pelts, they were awesome!). Pity.

    Also, must say that of all the Zombie movies on that list Zombie Women of Satan must be at the top of my priority list. Can’t see how a film with a title like that will be poor. (The trailer for La Horde does look good though).

    Envious of you going to this fest. I usually bookmark that weekend for Reading Festival, but at 30 years old I’m about 12 years to old for that malarky. Will have to head down next year.


  4. Emma says:

    Great summary and major props to you for seeing every flick possible. (I’ve already got Trick ‘r Treat on order – that is definitely the film that everyone is talking about. That and Millenium, maybe.)

  5. Well, you could have seen them too if you didn’t disappear for most of the weekend :)

    I really need to see Trick ‘r Treat too, plus I bought a few bad zombie movies in HMV’s 4 for £20 deal. Another movie marathon at mine? :D

    Still haven’t caught up on my sleep though, roll on the weekend!

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