Film 4 Frightfest – Day 4 Review

1 Sep
Film 4 Frightfest – Day 4 Review

C-A-N-N-O-T be bothered. Despite getting a good 6 hours of rest last night it is still not enough to compensate for previous nights forced insomnia. First film of the day that I want to see is SALVAGE but as it’s in the Discovery Screen I need to get along early enough to ensure tickets. I can appreciate why they don’t give them out in advance but an extra couple of hours sleep would have been nice.

Heard rumours that the monster in SALVAGE could be called a zombie so skip DEAD SNOW as I can buy it on Monday anyway. I would have bought it at Frightfest but it was for sale for £20 and HMV were advertising it as £8 on Monday. As it turns out it was only £15 at Frightfest as the top one was mis-priced and was actually £10 in HMV as London HMVs seem to add £2 to their advertised prices.

Salvage Movie Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review


The residents fo a cul-de-sac community are plunged into a horrifying world of violence, terror and paranoia when suddenly surrounded by a military unit and ordered to stay indoors. The chillingly imposed quarantine means single-mother Beth (Neve mcIntosh) becomes increasingly concerned over her estranged daughter Jodie’s (Linzey Cocker) whereabouts. As the nightmare situation escalates and no explanation over what’s happening forthcoming from the authorities, word filters through regarding the government Top Secret reason why her neighbourhood is under such sinister surveillance. It has to do with a container ship that shed it’s load on a nearby beach. Something terrible lurked inside one storage unit and is now on the loose. More frightened than ever, Beth mounts increasingly desperate attempts to rescue Jodie from the unknown danger within.

Initial Thoughts – Was not expecting much but apart from the world’s worst monster and a very weak cliched ending this was well worth the watch. Not a zombie though, would maybe have preferred to have seen Dead Snow but I’ll see that shortly.

Next up was the highly anticipated HUMAN CENTIPEDE from Dutch director Tom Six. This warped tale advertises itself as 100% medically accurate as a mad scientist wants to sew 3 people together ass to mouth :s

Human Centipede Movie Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review


Two pretty American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany they end up alone at night with a broken car in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day they awake to find themselves trapped in his terrifying makeshift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins. However his three “patients” are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific operation. He plans to be the first person to connect people via their gastric system, in doing so bringing to life his sick lifetime fantasy “the human centipede”.

Initial Thoughts – Nowhere near as disgusting, terrifying or weird as I expected. Great performance by all but especially Dieter Leser as the mad doctor. Creative vision but not really a story worth telling. Director Tom Six though stated that the second one (this is suffixed by FIRST SEQUENCE) will make the first look like Sesame Street tough, so maybe a more interesting story can be told using the same premise next time.

Pretty big gap between films so decided to watch the first half of COFFIN ROCK which was another menace type movie and seemed alright but a bit dull again. I made the jump to I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW, the movie about Tiffany stalkers.

I Think Were Alone Now Movie Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review


Every celebrity deals with his or her share of obsessed fans. “I Think We’re Alone Now” is a documentary that focuses on two individuals, Jeff and Kelly, who claim to be in love with the 80’s pop singer Tiffany.
Jeff Turner, a 55-year-old man from Santa Cruz, California has attended Tiffany concerts since 1988. Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, he never had a girlfriend. Jeff spends his days hanging out on the streets of Santa Cruz, striking up conversations with anyone who has a moment to spare.
Kelly McCormick is a 35-year-old intersex person from Denver, Colorado, who claims to have been friends with Tiffany as a teenager. She credits Tiffany as the shining star who has motivated her to do everything in her life. Both Jeff and Kelly have been labeled stalkers by the media and other Tiffany fans.
This film takes you inside the lonely lives these two characters, revealing the source of their clinging obsessions. This age-old story of unrequited love takes a comedic and emotional trip through themes of desperation, isolation, and hope, in the end showing that having something, or someone, to believe in can be more powerful than anything reality has to offer.

Initial Thoughts – I came out thinking that was definitely a different kind of scary but the more I thought about it the more the documentary seems to focus on the obsession and, while does acknowledge them, pays little heed to the underlying causes of it. The stalkers/fans were portrayed as weird (which they were) but I didn’t think enough effort went into explaining their problems and while I was laughing along with the director at the time the ‘stars’ of the documentary are clearly unaware that they have a problem.

After I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW I was in the mood for some monster movie horror and it seemed I was going to be catered for by the remake NIGHT OF THE DEMONS. Adam Geirasch came on stage before hand and explained that he set out to make the film he would have wanted to see at 17 years old – frights, punk music and boobs!

Night of the Demons Movie Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review


Angela Feld (Shannon Elizabeth) is throwing the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties at the infamous Broussard Mansion in New Orleans, where dark events transpired almost a century ago. But when the packed party gets busted by the police, Angela and her friends Maddie (Monica Keena), Lily (Diora Baird), Suzanne (Bobbi Sue Luther), Colin (Eddie Furlong), Dex (Michael Copon) and Jason (John F. Beach) are the only ones left behind. Soon Colin and Angela make a grisly discovery in the basement and inexplicable events start to take place. With the mansion gates mysteriously locked, the seven find themselves trapped for the night…and soon they’re fighting ancient demons for their very souls.

Initial Thoughts – Really what I was expecting to see at Frightfest. Achieved exactly what Geirasch set out to do and was very entertaining to boot. Good teen scary movie.

I skipped DREAD which was apparantly actually good :( to see BEST WORST MOVIE, a documentary on the resurgence of the worst film ever, Troll 2. 00% on Rotten Tomatoes and the number 1 worst movie on IMDb! Epic fail to epic win!

Best Worst Movie Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review


Best Worst Movie is the acclaimed feature length documentary that takes us on an off-beat journey into the undisputed worst movie in cinematic history: Troll 2.
In 1989, when an Italian filmmaker and unwitting Utah actors shot the ultra-low budget horror film, Troll 2, they had no idea that twenty years later they would be celebrated worldwide for their legendary ineptitude.
Two decades later, the film’s now-grown-up child star (Michael Paul Stephenson) unravels the improbable, heartfelt story of the Alabama dentist-turned-cult movie icon and the Italian filmmaker who come to terms with this genuine, internationally revered cinematic failure.

Initial Thoughts – Brilliant. Made by Michael Stephenson, the boy from Troll 2, we catch up with the cast 20 years on as they ride the wave of ‘fame’ that it’s resurgence has brought. Absolutely hilarious it had the whole audience in tears of laughter at just how bad this movie is and George Hardy is such a nice guy you genuinely just want to be his friend at the end. It also delivers an emotionally pointant look at some of the cast make this documentary more than just one big injoke but if you leave this movie not feeling great then you don’t like films.

After another short break I settled down to see BLACK, having read the synopsis I wasn’t sure if it’d be rubbish or great but before that we were ‘treated’ to THRILLER on the big screen and a making of from John Landis. While I was happy to see THRILLER on the big screen the next 45 minutes of behind the scenes stuff was grossly uninteresting, plus I was so tired that I just wanted to go home.

The worst part was that the documentary part wasn’t even very good. It would only appeal to fans and showing full length music videos to punctuate points is unneccesary to show to fans. Dozed off for a bit before BLACK came on.

Black Movie Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review


A Senegalese bank-robber born and raised in France, is getting over a disastrous heist in which he lost nearly all of his men. He’s seriously thinking of going straight when his cousin Lamine calls him from Dakar: a briefcase full of contraband diamonds has just been deposited in the bank where he works. Thinking this will be an unbelievably easy coup, Black assembles a new gang and quickly flies to Africa, where he’s never set foot. What they haven’t planned, however, is that they are far from being the only ones interested in that briefcase. The corrupt director of the bank, an arm dealer suffering from suppurating psoriasis, a gang of mercenaries from Chechnya and an Interpol agent are also set to get their hands on those diamonds.

Initial Thoughts – Wandered out early as it was a crime story for the first hour and a bit and still had about 45 minutes to go. Apparantly the last 20 minutes had more of a supernatural twist but again I don’t think this film had any place at Frightfest. It was well made and well acted but was not in the mood. Getting a bit disappointed with the whole thing.

pixel Film 4 Frightfest   Day 4 Review
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