Fan Made ‘The Walking Dead’ Title Sequence

29 Sep

Quality animated fan made title sequence for the upcoming TV adaptation of The Walking Dead is almost certain to be better than the actual one they use in the show.

Still, only a month to go until the show airs, so we’ll reserve judgement until then.

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Comments (7)


  1. That is awesome! Really cool. Thanks for posting!

  2. darkling73 says:

    very cool intro dudr, jesus a bloke on the tv just dived into 12 inch of water.??

  3. Kurt says:

    This show is cool. But if you want to see some scary movies, produced on a song, watch renegade video. These guys are crazy and out there on the edge. Some of their previews have been posted on youtube. Here’s one: What do you think?

  4. 12312121212 says:

    Darabont can’t do Horror. The mist was a mess. @Kurt: I thought this was spam but you do have, ah, some interesting horror tastes. Have you seen an entire one of these socalled films. I went to their site at and tried to order one (to fbi: they are fake) but got an error message.

  5. I have really liked having Shellac on my nails here but you
    can run your fingers over the nail.

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