E’Gad Zombies Premieres at Cannes

13 May

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about a low budget British zombie film taking Cannes by storm but it’s actually been a year and things certainly seem to move in slow circles in the zombie world as history (sort of) repeats itself.

This time Sir Ian McKellen stars in period piece E’Gad Zombies which is currently only 22 minutes long and hoping to secure funding to complete the film.

The film is set in 1700’s England in a town called Upper Trollop where there lived a somewhat dappy poet named William Filthe’.

He was the younger brother of the family and therefore his chances of actually achieving anything in his life were slim to middling at best. Not that this mattered to him of course, for he was in love with the beautiful but slightly terrifying Vanity Banks, and had decided that as soon as she stopped throwing vegetables at him, they should marry.

The reason Vanity threw vegetables at William was because he was poor. She was rich and everybody loved her so why on earth would she marry a poet who spent his time at her window spouting his ludicrous poetry. So she decided to marry Richard Filthe’, William’s affluent elder brother and all round bad egg.

So William, devastated, decides to leave England and live as a monk, turning his back on life and love. On the morning of his departure however, he finds his household deserted and one of his servants, Sandwich, half eaten. Racing through the town to save the woman he loves, he discovers that Upper Trollop has been infected by an illness, turning all it’s inhabitants into crazed creatures and making them all rather…bitey…

If it manages the Sir Ian will fit in the filming around the slightly bigger budget films of The Hobbit. It’s important to remember though that he’s not really a wizard.

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