Director Howard Ford On New Film ‘The Dead’ In Cannes

23 May
Director Howard Ford On New Film ‘The Dead’ In Cannes

Director Howard J. Ford has been in Cannes to promote his new film, The Dead, which is currently screening in the hopes of picking up a distributer.

The Dead is supposed to be a zombie film with a spiritual center – Ford is calling it “The English Patient” meets “Dawn of the Dead” – a mash-up sure to appeal to both film critics and zombie fans.

The film is set in the near future, where much of the world has already succumbed to the virus creating an outbreak of the living dead. Lieutenant Brian Murphy becomes stranded in Africa and battles to survive while searching for a way to get back to his family in the United States. He is saved by local military man Daniel Dembele, who is searching for his brother. This leads to the two joining up and beginning a quest to battle the zombie threat surrounding them.

Shot by Ford and his brother Jonathan in Burkina Faso and Ghana last summer, they chose to film in West Africa to bring something to the zombie genre that had never been tried by anyone in the past.

However, this decision nearly cost Ford his own life, along with lead actor Rob Freeman. Freeman became incredibly ill due to a malaria outbreak, but the filming pressed onward. Ford was actually mugged at knife point during the first day of shooting and was forced to hand over many of his valuables, including his passport. Being caught withough ID also forced him to go to several ATMs and withdraw money to give it to law enforcement.

The unique people Ford found in Africa was also key, including a“cannibal on a bicycle”. He stumbled his way into a house filled with roaches and the corpses of the owner’s relatives. He wanted to give up many times, but refused to let his family and investors down.

The Dead’s release will come coupled with Ford’s book, “Back from The Dead”, which describes the thrills and horrors faced while filming and should make for a truly interesting read. The movie itself looks to be as interesting and unique as the tale of making it and with some of those having seen it considering that it has the sort of legs that the SAW franchise did, will be one to watch for.

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