Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies

20 Nov

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had the most successful launch of any product in the history of products ($400 million on the first day). It’s no surprise the makers of COD, Activision and Treyarch, have taken the same type of game play that was lauded by critics and gamers and added a little something special to it. How could they improve on one of most popular games of all time? Easy. Add zombies. Lots of them.

The Undead Continue to Take Over

This isn’t the first time the COD franchise included zombies; while World at War included an unlockable zombie mode, the first COD Black Ops game updated this feature. Gamers were placed in a moon base where they fought their way through undead zombie hordes to survive. It’s considered one of the best parts of COD Black Ops. It makes sense COD Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode has garnered a lot of attention on gaming sites, like, for going above and beyond the first COD zombie installment. has nearly 100 articles on the Black Ops 2 and many of them focus on the new horrifying delight of killing zombies.

Instead of playing it safe for Black Ops 2, game developers worked to push the series forward in exciting ways, like the Zombie Mode with 3 different ways to play the game. There are several different playable characters and new types of terrifying zombies.

Multi-Player Mode

Tranzit game-play in Zombie Mode features up to four players traveling through a big sandbox style map. Players choose to travel via bus or on foot and fight off hordes of zombies in the process. There are multiple locations in the game world that allow for gamers to use different strategies to attack the zombie infestation. COD Black Ops 2 isn’t a static game-play experience; rather, it’s dynamic and lets users be creative in their attack.

Survival Mode and Grief

There’s also survival mode and grief mode. Survival mode is just that, trying to survive an onslaught of zombies. Grief mode, however, is one of the many unique features of Black Ops 2. It’s comprised of two teams of 4 each trying to last the longest. Humans can’t attack one another, but they can make it more difficult for the opposing humans to survive.

Game developers didn’t just add new maps and replace ‘bad-guys’ with zombies; Zombie Mode offers a compelling new take on traditional COD game-play. Experienced COD players will find this game to be a fun and innovative use of the platform. Though the game has just been released, the reviews are out: Black Ops 2 is a worthy addition to the COD franchise. After all, who doesn’t enjoy killing some brain hungry zombies?

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  1. Seth says:

    I love this game, however the zombie mode is actually really hard and I haven’t made it very far even though I have had the game for a year. Anyway, I’ll go back to watching the walking dead now.

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