California’s Berkeley To Run Zombie University Course

12 Jan
California’s Berkeley To Run Zombie University Course

Finally, a course that’s actually worth studying! The University of California’s Berkeley have a zombie class beginning on the 27th of this month for students to enrol in. Competition is fierce with over 100 applicants to fill just 25 spaces.

The program is run by DeCal –

a student-run democratic education program at the UC Berkeley – here, students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of (often unorthodox) subjects.

Required reading for the course is The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks (of course) and they’ll be watching numerous zombie films throughout the course before discussing the themes such as ‘class warfare’ in Land of the Dead, ‘media’ in Diary of the Dead and more important topics like ‘zombie or not zombie’ in 28 Days Later.

The most interesting part though is the practical

Final Examination – You will be responsible for a practical final exam on the last day of instruction, the format of which will be determined by the facilitators. It will draw on your cumulative knowledge of the materials covered over the course of the semester.

Does this mean that UC Berkeley will be letting zombies loose on campus for the students to deal with? If so, I hope they’ve studied!

Full details and syllabus can be downloaded from the site and if you fancy enrolling you better be the biggest zombie enthusiast on the planet to still stand a chance of getting in.

Now… where’s our application form.

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