The Brains Behind The Zombie Game Experiment

13 Oct
The Brains Behind The Zombie Game Experiment

Despite being a creative and adventurous endeavour, the team behind the Zombie Game Experiment are actually very experienced and accomplished in the digital field. Hive Media may have only been around this year but the people in it have been around a lot longer (well, obviously, as babies don’t make very good artists).

Chief Boss Guy – Will Weaver
Whether or not his Chief Boss Guy status will make him the final enemy in the game is unclear (and something you could decide upon!) but Will Weaver’s professional CV certainly shows someone who knows his trade and has the desire to make something work.

Starting out by putting together the sort of machines you would play games on, he progressed and spent a long time working with MMO communities. During this time it’s fair to say he learned what made a game work. He moved on to work with creating MMOs and fostering these communities before finally creating Hive Media in November 2008 and coming up with the Zombie Game Experiment. It would seem he is uniquely qualified to use a community to build a game and has picked up the skills and contacts on the way to make it happen.

Of course experimental game creation isn’t all that Hive Media does.

We create various media for video games, film studios and print. That monster you are battling in the latest hit game? That could be our design.

and in case you think they’re too lazy to make something like Zombie Game Experiment happen

We offer more services than appear on our website such as iPhone development. We actually have eleven iPhone applications in development and submitted to Apple at this time.

Despite being a CEO Will assures us that he isn’t willing to

slit throats to get another hundred bucks

and reveals his heroes are much more inspirational than your typical Dragon’s Den style CEO’s

A gentleman who works for a billion dollar bio-tech firm, who’s in his 60’s and still works more hours a week than most 30 year olds do, to help the world become a better place. For privacy reasons I will not name him. My other major inspirations are Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo and Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli.

With Will at the helm it’s almost certain that Zombie Game Experiment will happen and be brilliant. (NB: Will, you can give me the $50 for this write up later).

Of course making a game isn’t a one man job, or even just a communities job, and with no talent on board then the game won’t be great. Luckily Hive Media have a wealth of talent to draw from.

Argh! Zombies!

Writing – Aaron Rosenberg
Zombie films, books and games are becoming increasingly popular, with such a gamut of material available it becomes hard to distinguish one zombie story from the next. That’s where Aaron Rosenberg comes in.

With professional credits in the sci-fi and fantasy novel and RPG realms Aaron has also written for games and his work includes

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Races of Destiny
  • EverQuest: Realms of Norrath: Dagnor’s Cauln
  • Star Trek: Collective Hindsight
  • Starcraft: Queen of Blades
  • Warhammer: Hour of the Daemon
  • Warhammer: Lure of the Lich Lord
  • World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal

Aaron understands games and understands how to tell a story through a game. As the community decide on levels, enemies, weapons and more Aaron will be in charge of weaving the whole thing into a coherent tale.

Sound – Andrew Lackey & Piotr Musial (feat. Jonathan Coulton)
Not the latest rap collaboration but two talented and accomplished sound artists and the seminal zombie song Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton is also going to be available in game.

Andrew Lackey is the Lead Sound Designer and has worked on Dead Space, Spore, LOTR (game) as well as the first Matrix movie. You can listen to some of his work here.

Piotr Musial will be working with the score of the game, an under-rated part of games and movies. His work will set the mood for whether an area is dangerous, tranquil or should otherwise set a tone. His work can also be found on this page.

There are also rumours of Zombies Everywhere by Karate High School making an appearance.

Design & Graphics – David Tran, Den Yang Ho, Cameron Smith & more

David and Den are working on character concepts, some of which you can see below while Cameron is working on the user interface and various other graphical design work. To see current concept and completed art, click here.

Cat Launcher

Female Character Concept

Community – You
The whole point of the game is to create something that you, the player, want. Throughout development pre-order donators will have the oppoprtunity to influence and vote on game developments, donate now to find out more.

There are also opportunities for you to offer professional help; if you’re a designer, coder or can otherwise help bring this project to life. We’ll be covering more on what you can do to help later in the week but for now if you want to offer your services then fill out the form on this page.

Remember that 25% of donations and sales profits go to Team Fox, Michael J. Fox’s charity for Parkinsons. What more reason do you need!

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