Outpost: Deuce and the Zombies

7 Dec


Deuce’s adventure and battle against zombies continues in “Outpost,” sequel to Ann Aguirre’s phenomenal novel “Enclave” from the Razorland Trilogy. In “enclave,” readers are introduced in a post-apocalyptic world where humans live underground in order to protect themselves from the attack of hungry zombies. On the other hand, “Outpost” is set in an abode above the ground named “salvation.”


Together with her friends Fade, Stalker, and Tegan, Deuce now lives in the salvation where Religion plays a very important role in the lives of the people. Stratification between the two genders is imposed in the settlement where men and women are required to wear clothes appropriate for their gender. Deuce finds herself hard to fit-in since she prefers to wear warrior clothes and desires to join the army protecting the settlement from the zombies.


Since Fade keeps himself distant from Deuce, she decidesto join the summer patrol in order to make herself busy. The patrol protects the people working in the field from any zombie attack. As the raid of zombies becomes more frequent, Deuce’s romance between Fade and Stalker becomes more complicated.


Feeling comfortable with her new family, Deuce promised to do whatever it takes in order to save and protect the settlement from the freaks (as what they call the zombies) as they evolve into smarter, fiercer, stronger, and more human-like. In the end, despite the gender oppression she suffered from the rules in the settlement, Deuce used all her best skills in order to protect her friends and the new people she learned to love.

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