De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against The Zombies Of Armorica

17 Nov
De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against The Zombies Of Armorica

De Bello Lemures, or the Roman War Against the Zombies of Armorica takes the zombie threat back to Ancient Rome, where the gladius has to take the place of the headshot. This time, the isolated farmhouse is a Roman villa.

A recovered Latin text tells the story of a struggle between Roman legionaries and the undead in 185 AD. Lucius Artorius Castus leads an expedition to Gaul to defeat a rebellion against the rule of the Emperor Commodus – and gets more than he bargained for when his enemies rise from the dead to fight again. The power of the zombie horde is amplified by the chaos of Ancient Rome’s competing religions and superstitions, and the terror the undead bring in their wake foreshadows the incipient medieval darkness already creeping into the world at the end of Rome’s Antonine age. Richly annotated, this mashup of survival horror and alternate history takes the reader on a bracing journey into one of ancient Rome’s dark corners.

You can buy it below in paperback below or for the Kindle (only $3.44!) or a free preview is also available here.

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De Bello Lemures

De Bello Lemures


Romans, Zombies, Swords; think it would be tough to survive a zombie apocalypse now, what about in 185 AD.

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  1. Marcus de raymond says:

    Your comments are not worthy..I have just read this and if it is a fake…it was well researched..Whoever wrote this report knew well the culture of the time..the romanitas of being a roman..I was surprised by some of the statements of castus…if a fake then he is a Roman fake..

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