Battling the Undead

7 Dec


It’s like Hunger Games, but bloodier, scarier, and funnier. Kirsty McKay’s novel entitled “Undead” is one of the best zombie stories of 2012. Published by Scholastic Inc. and Chicken House in September 1, 2012, the book tells the adventures of the protagonist named Bobby. The teen heroine faces several problems such as adjusting in a new school, issues such as parent problems, peer-pressure, academic stress, puberty, and lastly, zombies.


The thrilling part unfolds when the students go to a school trip in Scotland. When the bus stops at certain restaurant for lunch, Bobby and the notorious bad boy named Smitty remains in the vehicle because they feel that they don’t belong to the group. Hours pass, but the other students are not yet back in the bus. Nervous, Bobby and Smitty check what is happening only to witness that the students were changed into monsters, zombies.


Few survived the zombie transformation caused by the Carrot Man Veggie Juice. Only Bobby, Smitty the bad boy, Alice the beauty Queen, Pete, and two others remain humans in a remote place filled with hungry zombies ready to devour flesh and eat brains. The survivors struggle to fight for their lives, fight the zombies, and return home safe. What started as a school trip turned out to be a gladiator fight filled with blood, brains, and more blood.


As the novel unfolds, readers will be transported into a snowy world filled with horror, comedy, and romance. The climax of the story set inside a castle will surely thrill the readers, making them beg for more of Bobby’s adventures that will be continued on Undead’s sequel entitled “Unfed.”

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