Be An Extra In The Walking Dead

31 May

Be an extra in The Walking Dead

If you’ve ever wanted to star in a film or television show, this could be your big break… sort of. AMC’s upcoming series, The Walking Dead, will begin filming in Atlanta, Georgia beginning on June 2. In addition to the pilot episode, the series will air a minimal five episodes.

The series, set and filmed in Atlanta, sets the scene in a post-apocalyptic environment. One of the main characters in this scene believes they’re alone, but they soon find themself surrounded by the living dead.

In addition to having to close a few major streets in Atlanta, the production company is in search of a few extra people to play the role of a zombie. However, it’ll take more than a sign up to play this less than glamorous role. You’ll have to attend zombie school and attend “classes” for a week (which every zombie already selected has been put through). You are also not allowed to mention anything related to the production and will be subsequently fired if the slightest mention of anything is found on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Since I’m a writer and am quite a ways away from Georgia, I won’t get the chance to audition. However, if you’re ready for a role you were destined to play, all you have to do is submit an email with your information to:

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Clayton is a zombie lover hailing from the USA. He likes pizza, Xbox and the sort of technology that won't be around after the zombocalypse.

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Comments (10)


  1. floridapossum says:

    Dang! When I lived in the south nothing. Now I’m up here in Vancouver and everything seems to be back home. Are there any zombie films up here that need and extra?

  2. EllenRipley112 says:

    **wonders if they’ll still need extras when I drive through Georgia later in June**. GAH!! Life is SO not fair!

  3. Michael Kristian says:

    planning to move to altlanta soon

  4. Mark Ward says:

    I have story format for new advanced Walkers, they are learning and becoming aware and can think! I want to be a Walker with my girl and we are in a sexual scene and we are biting one another Wow. I want to do this show and GIVE ME CHANCE! I can fly out their anytime and and WE will rock it. BIG DADDY AND WILD CHILD.

  5. Kristen Green says:

    I would love to be an extra in the Walking Dead as a zombie. I am 5’4 ft. tall and I could be the shortest zombie that comes out of behind a hole near a rock when one of the main characters takes a breather and I sneak behind them and one bite on the shoulder.

  6. megan wynne says:

    DAMN! i will never be able to be a extra in the walking dead when i live in England/DEVON -_- life just ain’t fair sometimes! i would love to be an extra but oh well and i don’t think they would let a 15 yr old be an extra anyway??? oh well better luck next time!

  7. skida says:

    How to be the next zombie extra on the hit show The Walking Dead?

  8. GLORIA CLAY says:


  9. I would do anything to grab a spot in this series!!!!

  10. Kylie Henage says:

    I would love more than anything to be an extra !!! :) I can give you a pic of me if you like I`m 5`8 and a 1/2 I work out :) I`m 19 , and I`m a huge fan. I`m strawberry blonde with eyes that change from blue to green I have a great smile , a people person, a fast learner , been playing sports and in dance classes all my life :) please consider me I would love to be apart of this ,Thank you

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