Autopsy Of The Dead – Trailer

2 Sep

Autopsy Of The Dead is a new straight to DVD documentary featuring the original cast and crew from Night of the Living Dead.

In 1968, the dead walked. Now, the dead will talk.
After more than 40 years since filming, the “dead” return in an all-new documentary featuring original cast and crew members who are interviewed–many for the very first time–about their experiences in making the classic horror film, Night of the Living Dead.
Hear — never before told stories! View — never before seen photos! Visit — original filming locations & other surprises in… AUTOPSY OF THE DEAD

Night of the Living Dead has always had a poor amount of DVD extras so hopefully Autopsy of the Dead goes some way to resolving that (of course it would be nice if it was on the disc and perhaps featured George A. Romero himself). With details light on the ground over at the official site, we’ll bring you more news as it happens.

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