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Zombie Art – Dead Legends

22 May

Artist and zombie afficiando, Nik Scarlett, currently has a set of 4 Dead Legends available to buy over at Etsy.

Hellvis Presley

The full set comprises Bloody Holly, Hellvis, Johnny Crash and Hank Killed’em in 5×7 prints and is available for just $50.

Why not check out Nik’s other auctions and see if you want a piece by this great artist.



Zombie Command Redesign Version 1.4

22 May

Future Zombie Command

Sorry I’ve been quiet this evening folks but I’m working hard on bringing you the best layout to disseminate zombie news. Trust me, you’ll thank me that’s it’s so easy to find the news when the dead start to roam the land!

Anyway, click on the pic below to go to our Flickr stream and please feel free to give me some feedback in the comments.



365 Zombie Images

21 May

Zombie GirlTimo Grubing, an arts illustrator from Germany, set out to post 1 zombie picture every day between Halloween 2008 and Halloween 2009. Currently at a little over the half way point, with 163 days to go, he’s been doing just that and some of the pictures are genuinely awesome. Check them out here.

Categories include drawn zombies, painted zombies, photo zombies, famous zombies and a few others.While Timo hasn’t drawn all of them he does hand pick them and is still needing a few to make sure he has enough to reach his challenge amount.

If you have a zombie drawing, picture or painting you would like to see on his blog why not email with your art work and find out if he’ll put it up.


Zombie Gunslinger Art

19 May

It seems that Zeke Deadwood isn’t the only zombie sheriff in town. Is there some sort of slash zombie/wild-west genre that I don’t know about?

Zeke Deadwood?

For the full sized image and a bunch more awesome zombie art click here.