Left 5 Dead – Now With 100% More Pirate

31 May

In one of the simultaneously coolest and lamest sets of art that we’ve seen for Left 4 Dead, Night Zero has created several pieces blending live action and his comic book style of photo manipulation.

Night Zero, the comic, is produced as a live action comic book chronicling the story of survivors in the month following a deadly viral outbreak. The effects are produced using High Dynamic Range Photography and tonemapping which produces a look somewhere between a photo and an illustration.

The comic has just finished it’s second volume and would ordinarily be getting it’s own post, except I found this piece of related work.

So why is it cool? …

L5D - Stocking Up

Sweet! Live action Left 4 Dead visuals with very reasonable look-a-likes and costuming recreating scenes from the game. Awesome.

Why is it lame? …

Steve the Pirate

As you may have guessed from the title, Left 5 Dead includes an extra survivor, which I have to assume is Night Zero himself. Alternatively it may be Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball.

Real Steve the Pirate

Now, wanting to be involved and part of the group is probably every dedicated fans dream but the problem with that is by inserting a specific fan you alienate the rest. Night Zero has destroyed the group dynamic by adding a genuine pirate (seriously check out the rest of the pictures, the guy has no shoes and a pirate pistol).

Some of the images are fantastic, with Hunters pouncing on Zoey, Francis gunning down a disturbed Witch and just generally cool poses but the Steve/Zero crops up all too frequently to really erase him from your mind. Why not check out the full set for yourself and see what you think.

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