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Left 4 Dead Graphic

17 Jun

Left 4 Dead graphic

This Left 4 Dead graphic was designed by Alex Griendling who, instead of writing about the games he plays, designs things about them.

You can check out more of his work (and at much higher resolution) by clicking the source button.

Left 4 Dead Chibi Stickers

2 Jun

Left 4 Dead Chibi Stickers

You too can own these adorable chibi style (deformed or childlike versions of characters) Left 4 Dead stickers for the low, low price of $8 a set or 2 for $2 from Shysuiko.

They also have Silent Hill, Bioshock and Zelda stickers, among others, if for some reason you don’t want a cute widdle Tank.

You can also catch the creators of these stickers, Shy and Coey at Cincinatti’s Collosalcon from the 3rd until the 6th of June.

Survival Of The Dead Poster By Charlie Adlard

5 May

Survival of the Dead poster

For those of you who don’t know (and can’t tell from the poster), Charlie Adlard is the artist for Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and has created this special Survival of the Dead poster for it’s on demand release.


The Zombie Comic – ZC Barry Gets Zombified… Again

13 Jan
The Zombie Comic – ZC Barry Gets Zombified… Again

Matt for has zombified up this (still frankly terrifying) picture of ZC Barry.

For previous scares check out other zombie portraits of him.

We’ll be covering more of Matt’s work tomorrow.


Zombie Street Fighter 2

4 Jan
Zombie Street Fighter 2

Deviant Artist, appleyrotten, has zombified a whole bunch of characters from Street Fighter 2 as well as other childhood gaming legends such as Mario.

Check out the full Street Fighter 2 gallery here.