The Art Of The Zombie Game Experiment

14 Oct
The Art Of The Zombie Game Experiment

Concept art is one of the most important stages of video game creation and The Zombie Game Experiment is no exception. As art and builds are funded by donations it’s important that the art conveys a direction and style that is going to illuminate the concept to more people and encourage them to get on board.

Faced with this daunting task are Hive Media professionals David Tran, Den Yang Ho and Cameron Smith (among others), whose first few sketches and outlines have really set the tone for the whole project.

Some of the concepts were dark and gothic whereas others were almost like watching a cartoon. The designs below are some of the first bits of art produced for the game.

Zombie Game Experiment Art
More Zombie Game Experiment Art

Eventually the cartoon style was decided upon from both a graphics and gameplay decision; the game will be playable on both mobile and PC platforms so having both usable and identifiable graphics on a smaller screen was a must and fits well into the cartoon or cel-shaded style.

Designs do go through stages before being included in the final game but often the idea survives beyond the style. An example of the image creation process is shown here for one of the earliest Zombie Game Experiment promos.

Art Process

Each piece of art costs $25 – $50 to produce and this is an extremely discounted rate for the Zombie Game Experiment, due in part to CEO Will Weaver’s commitment and the fact that donations and profits are going to the Team Fox charity, so as you can imagine producing enough material to flesh out a whole game becomes quite expensive and it’s this first stage that the Zombie Game Experiment are currently taking donations for.

Art obviously forms the basis of the graphical assets that are then deployed in the game and without which would waste a lot of time and effort on models and items that would have to be scrapped. To this end the artists are currently producing designs for actual in-game characters and level designs which the community can vote on, such as the latest sketches for the school teacher character.

School Teacher Concept

Ultimately, and with your help, this will turn into a fully fledged game and the sooner you donate the more influence you can have on the outcome, even contribute art…


Coming to a t-shirt near you soon!

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