Zombify your Xbox Live Avatar!

27 Oct

With Halloween just around the corner and so many great zombie games on the horizon, I figured I would take some time to teach you how to turn their Xbox Live Avatar into a zombie. While this offers no benefits (other than looking way cooler than all of your friends) it is a fun way to get in the spirit of the spooky season.

Step 1: You are going to need to get to your Avatar Customization screen. This is done by going to My Xbox, then to your profile, and selecting the Customize Avatar choice. It looks like this:

Xbox Avatar

Step 2: Select Change My Features and choose Hairstyles. Any of these can be chosen to suit your preferences; however, change the color to white.

Step 3: From here you can change your Eyes. I like to go for the Aggressive style with red pigmentation.

Step 4: Change your eyebrow color to black.

Step 5: Choose the Face options. From here click Facial Features and at the very end of the choices you will find Skull Face Paint. This is the one you will want! After you select this Feature, change the Feature Color to a dark red.

Step 6: Next comes the mouth. I suppose any mouth will work, but I went with Unhappy because it doesn’t have any goofy teeth that interfere with the Skull Face Paint.

Step 7: Next comes the skin color. Choose Skin Color and Body and then Skin Color. Go with the off-white option.

Step 8: Leave the Change My Features menu and go to Change My Style. Choose the Makeup option and then choose Eye Shadow Color. Black is the color we want to go with on this one.

And there you have it! Your very own zombie! The clothing styles can be whatever your fancy. Here are two that I particularly enjoy.

Zombie Avatars

Note: The chin and ears do not particularly make a difference, but the facial hair does. Just play around with it until you find something you enjoy.


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  1. Epic_Problem says:

    I find the ‘T-shirt with tie’ and ripped jeans are nice zombie attire

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  3. Jake says:

    how do i get skull face paint i dont have it

  4. Know-orange says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this detailed post!
    i found a youtube video about xbox live hacks: that I would like to share: xbox live Hacks!..
    but seriously, great post and thank you alot !
    i look forward to your next article !

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