Top 5 Nazi Zombies Movies

Nazi Zombies

A few weeks back on ZombieCommand you may have seen the fantastic College Humor sketch on Nazi Zombies which addressed some interesting points. Namely: Are Nazi Zombies any scarier than regular zombies? Well, we’ve dug through the DVD archives and put together a top 5 list of some of the best (and indeed worst) the 3rd Reich has to offer in the way of the undead, so you can decide if they really ARE extra-terrifying!

5. Zombies of War

Coming in at number 5, and therefore the worst zombie film on this list is the recent Zombies of War. Apparently the UK distributors decided that this film was much more of a zombie movie than when it was released over in the States, as they changed both the title (it is known as Horrors of War in the U.S.) and also zombified the artwork on the DVD box. (Check out the US versus the UK sleeves! Maybe the UK are just bigger suckers than the US, who knows?

Zombies of War SleeveHorrors of War sleeve art

It belongs at the bottom of this list as it is, quite frankly, a shocking movie. A mad Nazi scientist has created a serum to turn people into paranormal creatures, sometimes werewolves, sometimes zombies. However he has only really created one or two of these creatures as that’s all we get treated too.

The rest of the movie just consists of a bunch of chaps in WWII clobber roaming around in some woods for an hour and a half. It comes across as a thourally boring war movie, mixed in with a paranormal werewolf movie, with one or two Nazi Zombies that pop up and take a few bullets a few times along the way.

What we like about it:
Well the cover has some great looking hordes of marching Nazi zombies. Plus the Werewolf makeup (or rather ‘rubber mask’) is quite humorous.

4. Oasis of the Zombies

Oasis of the Zombies

Let’s get some bottles to make Molotov Cocktails, like at school!

Allegedly directed by Jess Franco, Oasis of the Zombies (or ‘La tumba de los muertos vivientes’ as it has also been released, albeit with several different scenes, actors and music) fares slightly better than Zombies of War. There are certainly more zombies in this one for a start, and Jess has opted for the slightly less familiar Afrika Korps Nazi’s to zombify. (Maybe because Korps reads a little bit like Corpse?).

These zombies are much more impressive looking, with some particularly bizarre googly eyes going on too. Sure, they’re not on screen for all that long but considering the film itself looks like it was thrown together from stock war footage and random test shots for other films it’s not too bad overall. And being a Franco movie there is also some nudity thrown in too, if that’s your sort of thing.

What we like about it:
The googly-eyed zombies are fantastic!

3. Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies

Right, into the Top 3, so surely we’re into the realms of the good Nazi zombie cinema? Well perhaps, as Dead Snow is a bit of a puzzler. It seems to be either loved or loathed judging by popular opinions, and that is understandable.

To be a bit subjective here, I felt it was a film of 2 halves, one decent and one very poor. The problem this film has was going for the comedy angle half-way through the movie. It started out as an interesting take on the standard ‘teens in a cabin in the middle of nowhere’, and by setting this film in the daylight and with snow all around the possibilities for a unique enjoyable movie were all there. Even when the expected scares started happening they were actually quite effective. However it was around this point that it changed from trying to scare you into trying to make you laugh, and sadly Norway isn’t known for being a comedy hub. ‘Ooh, a zombie grabbing a crotch! How side-splittingly funny!’

Still, the zombies themselves are easily the most impressive looking Nazi Undead that I’ve ever come across, so it is probably worth watching for that. Just go in expecting it to switch from horror to lame comedy and you’ll be fine.

What we like about it:
The Nazi Zombies are some of the best looking of their type, and the gore isn’t too bad either.

2. Shock waves

In at number 2 is a little known, but really quite enjoyable little movie. Peter ‘Twins of Evil’ Cushing stars as an old Nazi Commander living ‘mostly’ alone on an island, when a group of shipwrecked divers turn up and start investigating / sticking their noses in. Unfortunately for them this is the time when the Nazi Zombies who’ve been living under the sea for several decades decide to rock on up to the surface and partake in a little (sadly bloodless) killing.

The zombies in question are less undead looking than standard Nazi zombies, and appear to be wearing swimming goggles. Although they do not look particularly scary themselves the scenes of them all slowly rising as one out of the water is quite chilling at times. There’s also the bonus of Peter Cushing hamming it up good and proper.

It’s quite an original take on the genre, with some decent ideas going on. It could have done with some more gore though, but then that could be said about a lot of zombie movies.

What we like about it:
The creepy zombies rising up out of the sea should have been a classic scene, if anyone had ever seen this cult film.

1. Zombie Lake

Zombie Lake Poster

Yes, at number one it’s one of the greatest works of cinema ever created. Nazi Zombies in bright green face paint living at the bottom of a lake who rise from the water to eat the flesh of naked ladies. And numerous naked ladies at that. Including an entire (naked) volleyball team.

Watch as the green zombie makeup rubs off on victims clothes!
Be amazed at the under water ‘lake’ locations that include swimming pool ladders!
Wonder at the bending of time and space where entering a door in daylight turns the next room to nighttime!

Jean Rollin delivers a truly spectacular movie here. It is virtually guaranteed that you will enjoy this movie infinitely more than any other on this list. Sure, you won’t enjoy it for the plot, acting, effects and direction, but enjoy it you will. You will probably feel guilty for liking it so much, as every sense in your body will be laughing at you for it, but you won’t care. Zombie Lake is a work of genius, as any film with a 2 / 10 score on IMDB should be.

What we like about it:
The awe-inspiring zombie effects, and the fantastic music… no of course not. It’s obviously the naked volleyball zombie-attack scene!

Special mentions should probably go to Outpost (although that is more of a Nazi ghost story than a zombie one), and the upcoming 4th Reich (Although we are yet to have seen more than just a website for that one, but it can’t be worse than Zombies of War now, can it?)

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  1. Kimberly Lynn Cole says:

    I cannot believe I finally found someone that agrees with me, this really BLEW MY MIND since I have loved Zombie Lake for years and everyone tells me I am nuts but its fantastic! I agree with you on Zombie Lake, Shockwaves and Dead Snow, you rock!

  2. James Lutz says:

    i have seen Dead Snow only. i didnt kind the change of genre and the zombies were indeed impressive looking.

  3. APM says:

    Oh come on, you left out Hard Rock Zombies?! How could you? Not only does that film have Nazi zombies, but it also has midget Nazi zombies and the big guy himself, Hitler, who quickly becomes a zombie! Shame on you!

  4. New Zombie movie “Operation Nazi Zombies!!”

  5. ZantiMissKnit says:

    Odd. I thought “Shock Waves” would be the most known of all of these films, considering that I remember it being on cable when I was a kid, and I remember that poster quite vividly.

  6. annasognosia says:

    You have enough material here for a doctoral research thesis.

  7. Jayme says:

    if we’re talking Nazi Zombies, Outpost should be on the list.

  8. Marcus says:

    I agree with Jayme, Outpost from 2008 should definitely be on the list, it’s an allthrough great movie

  9. First of thank you Jon and thank you Kimberly!

    Zombie Lake.. MUST SEE!

    But come on! If Outpost didn’t make the cut, then the cut should have been Top 6 Nazi Zombies Movies :D. The quality of the film alone justifies it to be on this page. Sure, you could argue that they’re ghosts… but zombies are larger than that. Case and point is the I Am Legend movie. It’s based of a vampire book/movie(s) yet Zombie culture has devoured it/them. But ok, you have my love! You made a special mention.

    But that’s just my 2 cents.

    Thx for a great article!

  10. Steve says:

    Personally, I thought the comedy in Dead Snow was freaking hilarious.

  11. wolfmansgotnards says:

    One day we’ll get the where ealges dare with zombies we need.

  12. Bunneluv says:

    The best Zombie flick of all times is…drumroll please…
    The 18 minute surveillance Miami, FL video of the Haitian dude eating a homeless white dude. In May 2012

    I also love the opening starter to the real life zombie flick; is when the Miami local news channel 7WSVN shows footage of two weeks earlier when a boiling barrel of chemical arrived in the river weeks prior to the face attack.
    In this flick you see several live hazmat trucks driving away from the scene after they shut down the causeway.

    Check out the flick of that same news channel showing two days later after the mysterious barrel rolled ashore; a high-school in the area (only blocks away), shut down for hours because the students broke out in a rash and spat blood.

    Life right now is waaaay more scarier than any Hollywood flick. WTF !!
    Get a grip.
    The news is scary lately.Terrifying actually!!

  13. Sandy says:

    I’ve 2 better fims…. Outpost..and Outpost 2 Black Sun.

  14. Corpse says:

    dead snow was hillarious…blowjob on the shitter, chainsaw to dick, or not?, football punt severed head

  15. Donofthedead says:

    I liked Dead Snow, it had a more traditional zombie feel to it. The girl at the beginning stole their treasure, that started the whole curse thing. No offense to you zombie movie lovers out there, but I cannot get into the newer concepts, I like those based on legends and myths. That one was up my alley. I have a problem with hollywood reinventing everything, you know. The only vampires and werewolves I know that walk and prey on those in the day light are lawyers and politicians. The movie monsters are meant to be scary, after all, they were the original jason, freddy, and mike meyers. Check out Kolchak, The Night Stalker on DVD the complete series. There is a zombie story in that collection, based on the original myths from Haiti. Good stuff and worth watching in a dark room on a stormy night….

  16. The zombies of war was ok. I kind of liked it. I thought Dead Snow is by far the best Nazi Movie out their today.

    Really enjoy when the girl was coming too, seeing the Nazi zombies pulling out her intestine. Not realize what was gong on. Pretty freaky. She than pulled out a hand grenade and blew them all up. a most see.

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