Zoms Plushies

27 Jul
Zoms Plushies

Despite not yet making the dream iPhone Zombie Fortress game, plush character Horace managed to win over the hearts (and brains) of lots of those who saw him.

The creators Firebongo have now put Horace as well as these Zombees up for sale, so now you can have your very own!

Zombee Plush

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re hungry… for braaaaaaains!

Firebongo!’s handcrafted, plush, undead, snugglers are only the beginning of the ZOM plague. Bring the epidemic to your hometown. But be warned: ZOMs will steal your heart along with a few other choice body parts.

You can buy Zoms on the Firebongo Etsy Store.

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