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The Doom of World War Z

7 Dec


Apocalypse is happening. There are zombie outbreaks around the world, leading to the downfall of governments, deaths, and defeat of large armies. Civilization is on the brink of oblivion as an epidemic turns humans into flesh eating zombies that wipe away anyone who stands on their path.

This is the plot of World War Z, an upcoming zombie apocalypse movie based on the novel of the same name authored by Max Brooks. Directed by Marc Foster and with screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the film will be released on June 21, 2013. The film will be top billed by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt as a worker of the United Nations who is tasked to travel around the world to research about the outbreak and fight against the invasion. Playing the role of Gerry Lane, Brad Pitt’s character is the hero who is on his journey to discover a way to stop the Armageddon caused by zombies.

The cast also includes actress Mireille Enos as Gery Lane’s wife and James Badge as the American soldier Captain Speke. Also starring are Lucy Aharish, Matthew Fox, Elyes Gabel, David Morse, and others in supporting roles.

With a production budget of $125 million, the film has locations in Pinewood Studios, Budapest, and Glasgow in London. The film is intended to be a part of a trilogy and will be distributed under Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures.

World War Z is one of 2013’s much-awaited films because of its stellar cast, promising storyline, and a thrilling twist that will surely make it hit the box office.


Black Ops 2 Zombies Teddy Bears Easter Eggs

7 Dec


Many gamers are now playing the Zombies mode included in the recently released “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” video game. However, did you know that you can find some teddy bears in some of the maps in the game? Here you will find a list of the known locations of the teddy bears in the Black Ops 2 Zombies mode. Find all of these teddy bears while playing the Zombies mode and surprise your friends with a secret song by activating all the bears!


Teddy Bears in Nuketown Zombies Map

You can find three teddy bears when playing the Survival mode in the Nuketown Zombies map. Teddy Bear #1 is found inside a bus in the center of the map. Teddy Bear #2 is on top of a bunk bed on the 2nd floor of a house. Teddy Bear #3 is found behind a fence in the backyard of another house. If you activate all the teddy bears, a secret song will play during the game.


Teddy Bears in Green Run Maps

You can also find three teddy bears when playing the TranZit mode in the Green Run maps. One teddy bear is on a bench in the bus station where you first spawn at the start of the game. Another teddy bear is found in the Farm map on a blanket upstairs. The final bear of the Green Run maps is found in the Town. It is sitting near a pool table in the inside the building where you can purchase a perk. A secret song will also play when you activate all three bears.


The War Z Zombie Survival Game

7 Dec


If you’re looking for a good zombie survival MMO game, then you might want to check out The War Z. The War Z is a zombie survival MMO game for the PC (Microsoft Windows) that is currently being developed by Hammerpoint Interactive. It is currently in the alpha stage of development and scheduled to be released in winter 2012. However, you can get access to the closed beta of the game by buying the game at the War Z official website. You only need to buy the game to get online access and there are no monthly subscription fees.


Why You Should Buy This Game

You should buy this game if you are a fan of zombie survival shooter games. Unlike other zombie shooter games where they give you powerful guns and plenty of ammunition to kill zombies with, this game requires you to search the game world for weapons and ammunitions while trying to avoid getting killed by roaming zombies. In addition to protecting yourself against zombies, you will also need to watch out for other players who may try to kill you to steal your weapons and ammunition. If you die, all of the items that you are carrying will disappear forever and you will need to wait for a few hours to get back into the game. The War Z is a great simulation of a real, post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world where you may need to kill other people in order to survive. It has been praised by many game critics as one of the best zombie survival games in the market today.


The Dead Matter – Trailer

7 Jun

“The Dead Matter” tells a story of vampirism, the living dead, and ancient occult relics all drenched in the dark and shadowy world of Midnight Syndicate’s music. Inspired by EC Comics, Dark Shadows, Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, and Creepshow, this mix of classic horror and unique twists and turns promises to deliver for fans of the genre.

The highly anticipated dark fantasy film, “The Dead Matter”, is scheduled to be released on July 30 and will be available for sale at Hot Topic retail stores in the United States (and likely online, too).

Starring Andrew Divoff, Jason Carter, and Tom Savini, the film is about a grieving young woman who obtains a vamperic relic and is attempting to contact her deceased brother at all costs.

Based on the trailer, the effects actually look well-done and the acting appears to be decent, with realistic looking zombies, so hopefully The Dead Matter will be a decent zombie flick.

Creators, Midnight Syndicate, have chosen to release the film independently through Hot Topic stores and will be giving buyers the DVD, the Soundtrack and a collection of Midnight Syndicate Halloween music collection all for the same price as a normal DVD.

We’ll have a full review when the movie is released.

You can find out more on the official site or over on Facebook.


Deathwatch – Preview From A. M. Esmonde

Deathwatch – Preview From A. M. Esmonde

The Dead have returned to life…

The worlds focus in on the city of Ravenswood and once idyllic town of Farmore, as soldiers and scattered survivors fight the hordes of the dead, unbeknown, one of them holds the key to end the undead’s reign of mayhem.

Meanwhile, at a body disposal plant a small group take shifts on the ‘deathwatch’. Their hope’s hinge on the soldiers of Farmore to rescue them. But with no contact for months, no food and surrounded by the dead, have they got what it takes to survive? With death at their door, only time can tell…

Zombie Command has managed to snag a look at the intro and first chapter from Welsh writer A. M. Esmonde’s forthcoming book and screenplay, Deathwatch. Esmonde’s previous work has included other genre pieces such as The Breathing Dead, Terminus and Blood Hunger (more about which can be found at his official site) and while this extract is still just a draft it’s shaping up to be a great zombie story in the style of Romero’s ‘of the Dead’ series.

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